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Today, Elke and I are enjoying a concert at the Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society, in Half Moon Bay, California.    This is a venue where you can hear some of the top names in jazz.  Elke has attended concerts here before, long ago.  I have not.  There were a few times when Elke and I visited Half Moon Bay together and tried to buy tickets just before concerts.  You really have to buy tickets in advance.  They sell out quickly.  The venue is really a large beach house.  It is located directly across the street from the ocean.  It gets windy, so bring a jacket.  Parking is limited and scattered, so get there early, or be prepared to walk.  Before an event, people can purchase food and drink at the venue, or you can bring your own food.  There are lots of places to sit and snack and look at the ocean.

The performance room is intimate.  I think the capacity is 220.  Today, there are only 160 ticket sold.

There is a balcony, or mezzanine, that they call the M section.  Here, you sit on carpeted steps.  Unless you purchased a seat on the top row, with your back against the wall, you will sit with your back against someone’s legs.  Elke and I sat in this area for the first half of the concert. We are both long-waisted, and sitting without a seat back is uncomfortable for any length of time.  Elke mentioned this to one of the event workers, who kindly provided Elke with a stadium chair.  We have decided to listen to the second half of the concert in the adjoining waiting area, on the floor below the mezzanine.  As I write this, I lean back against a sunny window with an expansive view of the ocean.  The doors to the performance area are open, so we have no problem hearing the music as it blends with the sound of waves crashing against the shore.  Bliss!

The concert itself is a performance by Anat Cohen and Marcello Gonçalves.   Anat plays clarinet, and Marcello plays 7-string guitar.  Together, they play Brazilian music.  Both are virtuosic.  The music is snappy beats and cleverly intertwining notes.  It is a meditation on the joy of life.  Elke and I both recommend the music and the venue.  We will return.