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About Us

Elke & Dennis

Dennis Tivel

I’ve worked in the tech industry for years.  It suits me well because I am a person who lives largely in my head.  But in the same way that the service industry is designed to get the most of a worker’s body, the tech industry is designed to utilize the maximum capability of one’s brain.  As I get older, I feel the unhealthiness of this line of work more and more acutely.  It is so easy to get caught up in my job to the exclusion of all other aspects of life.

I balance myself with my relationship with Elke, cooking, nature, exercise, and travel.  I try to engage the right side of my brain.  My partner is happy when I am more relaxed.  She’s a healer, and she encourages heart coherence.

This blog is a nice way for me to engage with her in a way that makes life better.  The nature of my job is not always healthy for me.  When I strengthen the relationship with my partner it seems to bring me closer to the balance that I seek.

We are both interested in feeding our own souls with good experiences, and we’d like to feed yours as well.  Through our adventures, we hope to offer ideas for experiences that you might like to engage with.

Elke Riesterer

I have been a practicing Body Therapist for All Species for more than three decades. My absolute passion is Elephants. I have worked hands-on with over 100 elephants worldwide by showing that therapeutic touch modalities are helpful to assist in the healing of traumatized and wounded animals. Human and nonhuman beings benefit equally. I favor the use of TTouch (Tellington Touch) with all of my animal clients.

I have been an elephant well-being activist since the mid-90’s and have publicly spoken and attended many international conferences with a focus on elephants. I was featured globally in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. The subject of animal rights is always on my mind. Link to my website.

That said, I have a great love for the culinary aspects of life, and my beloved partner, Dennis, is a perfect explorer and companion of just that. We travel very well together enjoying all the magnificent sites that nature has to offer. Enhancing our lifestyle with what brings pleasure and relaxation is good way to keep body and mind on a healthy footing. May you join us on this journey.

A potent member of our family is our beloved girl, Boobie…

My siblings and I were born when the weather was warm.  My mommy tried very hard to make sure we were prepared for life, but she got scared.  In her rush to remove us, she accidentally left me behind.  I still remember the warm safety I felt when she fed us.  Thankfully, I was rescued.  I remember being scared, but then I discovered that I am safe and loved.

I am elderly now, close to 16 years.  I have done everything and seen everything.  I know what I like, and I know what I don’t like.  I don’t like when Elke picks me up from a spot I’ve chosen, but I do like when she cuddles me.  I don’t like when Dennis picks me up, but I do like when he puts me down in a sunny spot.   I love to create.  I love to try out new spots.  I like the chair that Dennis always sits in.  I like soft music.  I like quiet energy, and I will tell Elke and Dennis when they need to settle down.

I do important work.  I make sure that everything runs as it should, and I tell people when standards have declined.  Generally, my food is good.  I get fed at the same times every day, which I appreciate.  There are few things worse than not getting fed when you expect to be fed.

I don’t like to kill, but I love how birds and gophers move!  I could watch them for hours.  Gophers are so interesting!  One day, I hope to catch one.  Squirrels are no fun.  They don’t run, and they bite!  At this point in my life, I’d rather dream of birds than catch them.  Of course, if one were to fly too close, I’d have to pounce.

I can feel my age.  I sleep a lot.  I don’t like stairs.  I expect respect and love and care.  I worry that Dennis and Elke will be lost without me.  Who will watch over them when I am gone?