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When you go through your life as a family unit of five Tivels, and then all of a sudden, an additional, very talented Tivel appears, well you have to go out and see who that Tivel is.  In this case, Anna Tivel, an established, accomplished, touring musician, occasionally visits my area.  I don’t even know how she fits into my family, but I know that she is family, because well…Tivel.  The last time she visited, Anna sang at a small venue in Boulder Creek, California, the lille æske arthouse.  That was 3 years ago.  This time, she and her band played at the The Crepe Place, which is a restaurant by day and a music/dance venue by night.  I will review those two places at a future date.

Anna’s music is soulful folk Americana.  In this most recent visit, I recognized many of the songs that she sang from her last visit.  She has added two band members, a drummer and a keyboardist, with whom she has been jamming throughout COVID.  They all play off of each other very well.  The sound of Anna’s music is rich and vibrant.  Her lyrics are colorful and deeply meaningful.  Anna is worth a listen.  If she visits your town, I recommend that you check her out.