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It was a perfect day!

We began our Saturday with a short drive out to ParkWay and Prospect Heights, in Santa Cruz.  You will find a small parking area where a half-dozen cars can park.

This is an entrance to a nice hiking area.  Here, you can hike to and from The Grille, at DeLaVeaga Golf  Course.  Here is the Facebook page for good information on events and current happenings at The Grille.  The eating spaces at The Grille, especially the outdoor spaces, are just lovely on a warm, sunny day.

The Grille has some of the best sweet potato fries in town.  Elke, a vegetarian, says that they make a good garden sandwich.  It’s hard to go wrong eating here.

Now I will share a beautiful German word with you – Verdauungsspaziergang.  This is pronounced ver-DAOWNG-schpatz-yer-gahng.  It is a walk that you take to get you moving and help you digest your food more quickly.  According to Elke, and very wise German advice, it would be very healthy to make Verdauungsspaziergang your standard post-meal ritual.  After our meal at The Grill, our Verdauungsspaziergang was a nice 1-mile hike back down to our vehicle.

From The Grille, Elke and I travelled to the beautiful Alfaro Family Vineyards, in Corralitos, California.  Here, we relaxed in cushy garden chairs overlooking idyllic vineyard landscape.

Known for their delicious Pinots, the Alfaro Family also makes a very good Chardonnay!  Both Elke and I plan to return soon. We ended this beautiful day driving out to the Seascape Beach Resort to watch the sun go down.  One day soon, I will write about the Seascape Beach Resort.  It is a wonderful place to enjoy lunch, diner and Verdauungsspaziergang.