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Blossom’s Farmstore & Coffee Shop is located at 2904 Freedom Blvd, Watsonville, CA 95076.  If you find it, then you have found a very interesting tiny business district.  Blossom’s sells locally-sourced organic produce.  It has a wide variety of essential oils.  In the cafe, you can get a cappuccino, and their pastries are unique, whole grain, and seedy.  Elke and I both love to stop at this little cafe on our way to other places.

Right across the street from Blossom’s, you will find Alladin Nursery.  It’s hard to adequately describe all of the amazing statuary that you will find at this nursery.  As a person who loves to stroll through a beautiful nursery, occasionally in search of a bat-faced cuphea, I find Alladin Nursery deeply satisfying.

Right next to Alladin Nursery, you will find El Vaquero Winery.  The grounds of El Vaquero aren’t all that attractive.  It is basically a metal barn.  It is in the country, so there are few trees and hills in the distance.  However, El Vaquero Winery makes good wine.  It is also a frequent destination for musical events.  We recommend this spot…


Across the parking lot from Blossom’s is the Cadillac Cafe.  We haven’t tried it, but it looks like one of those big breakfast places.