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Our beloved cat, Boobie is mostly an indoor cat. She’s always uses an indoor litter box even though she has full access to the outdoor. Highly evolved. Highly civilized.

Outside, we store the tools we use to clean the litter box under a small table next to our front door. These tools consist of a scoop, which is neatly stored in a little holder, and a disposable bag, which has a few days of poop in it. The poop bag is carefully twisted and folded to contain any smell and then stored in a small ceramic pot out of sight. Elke is highly evolved, highly civilized.

We have used this very sensible storage system for years without any problems until just a few days ago. As usual, I timed my morning ritual to give me absolutely no time to manage unforeseen issues that might arise between the end of breakfast and the beginning of my workday.  Upon opening the front door to walk to my office, I was shocked to find a torn poop bag with a front porch painted, in spots, with poop. For Pete’s sake!

And this went on for a few days before Elke got the great idea to purchase a Bushnell motion sensitive, pole mounted, field camera with night vision and capable of (up to) 4K photos and 16 MP video!

Here is our lovely little coprophiliac. That box was delivered by our local farm to table fruit and vegetable vendor. For whatever reason, this darling being felt the need to put two neat little bite marks in the corner of the box. I guess this is proof that we buy the best food for Boobie. It’s at least twice as tasty as average cat food. We’ll figure out alternate storage solution for the possum roca.