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From the Grand Island Manson, Elke and I decided to make a trip to the Old Sugar Mill for wine tasting.  Instead of taking the levee road north, we decided to drive south to pick up the J-Mack Ferry, which is about 21 minutes away, and then drive north on the other side of the canal.  This would only add 20-30 minutes to our trip, and it would allow us to experience a Delta ferry.

Caltrans operates two ferries in the Sacramento Delta Region, The Real McCoy II and the J-Mack. Both ferries are free of charge.   To take the ferry, you just wait until it reaches your side and drive on.  It only takes a few minutes to ferry you across to the other side.  A cable keeps the ferry from drifting.

It is a small ferry, with room for only a few cars.  The ferry captain was right next to our car.

This is a unique experience in the area and one that you can find in the Sacramento Delta region.