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I met Debra Ledsinger when I was learning to date women again after having been married for 6 years.  I was a mess, and she is kind and gentle.

Somehow, Debra has always made space when either I or Elke and I are in the area.  She is a lovely  friend to spend time with.

Debra is super smart.  She graduated from college as a Mechanical Engineer.  She worked for HP and then decided that this wasn’t growing the creative spark that runs through her.  Debra went out and got a second degree in web design and became a photographer.  She recently won a couple of awards…

I’ve seen the work that Debra does.  It’s brilliant.  She always has an eye toward improving her skills and techniques.  In the big city of Sacramento, California, there are many, many professional photographers.  Debra stands out.  If you want to see some of Debra’s work, visit her website, Delephoto.