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Flipping through the pages of our new Wine Passports, Elke and I chose Regale Winery and Vineyards as our first trip.  The quality of this winery surprised us both.  Located on Summit Rd, in Los Gatos, Regale Winery is candy for the eyes.  In addition to the gorgeously landscaped view and the delicious wine choices, this winery also has good food.

In California, it is not common for wineries to provide both food and wine.  This has to do with our arcane rules around the definition of a winery and the hoops that wineries have to jump through to be able to serve both wine and food.  As a consumer, I want to eat when I drink.  I enjoy tasting wine.  I don’t like getting buzzed from the alcohol.  It shortens my day.  When I eat food with wine, I get to enjoy the pairing with less worry about the buzz.

If you also like to taste wine, then Elke and I recommend you visit Regale.  If you can take a romantic partner with you, then all the better.