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One of the very best versions of French Toast you will ever have can be found at the Tower Cafe, in Sacramento, California.  First, they start with their very own, house made, thick sourdough bread.  I’m thinking that they must soak the bread overnight.  It comes out crunchewy on the outside and gooey-custardy on the inside.  It’s really very good.

All of their menu items are delicious.  Their service is so fast, and food comes to the table fresh, which is hard to do when they serve so many folks.  They have a beautiful garden dining area, but the inside also has great ambiance.

The history of the Tower Cafe is connected to the Tower Books and Records empire that used to exist.  If you want to see an engrossing documentary, watch, “All Things Must Pass,” which covers the history of Tower.  Through Elke, I’ve been lucky enough to meet people connected to that story.  It was such an interesting time and space, an adventure that needs to be seen to be believed.