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Located in the hills of Los Gatos, the Silver Mountain Winery is a beautiful destination for a sunny day.  Bring food, as none is served at this winery, unless there is an event going on.  The grounds, however, are just perfect for a picnic.  On this trip, we each had a red tasting flight.  Our stamped Wine Passport booklets covered the cost.  We brought our own snacks and sat on their grand deck.  Another lovely day.  The wines that we tried were ok, but didn’t inspire us to purchase a bottle.

On the way back to our car, we met Jerold O’Brien, the owner of Silver Mountain Winery.  He used to be the president of “Wines of the Santa Cruz Mountains,”  which is the organization that published our Wine Passport books.  Jerold let us know that our Wine Passport booklets are out of date and no longer honored by many wineries.  The business that sold us these books should not have done so.  Even so, Jerold graciously gave us tastings and stamped our book.  We will continue to follow the book, because it continues to lead us to beautiful places that we probably would not have visited without the book.  If we get 5 of the 40+ wineries to accept the book, then the book has paid for itself.  We both feel that the book has paid for itself through the inspiration it has given us.