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From Isleton, CA, we drove to our AirBnB.  The drive there was magical.  It introduced us to some of the most beautiful Delta terrain we’d seen up until this point.  A common sight when you explore the Sacramento Delta region is a double-lane levee road with water on one side and dry land on the other.  On the land side, there seems to be no building code.  You might see agriculture, a small plot with a house on stilts, a multi-level home, a wooden shack with old machinery in the yard, a dilapidated mobile home, and everything in between.   The water side of the levee can vary from canal-width to bodies of water that look like big lakes.

The subculture of the people who make their living in this area is markedly different than what you might expect to find in nearby Sacramento or Stockton.  This is not to say that people are unfriendly here.  To the contrary, we enjoyed the company of everyone we met.  Life here seems relaxed, easy going, and fun-loving.   I can imagine the tension between the desire to preserve this unique lifestyle and the need to entice tourism (and the change that tourism inevitably brings with it) to pay for this lifestyle.  This story has become common as civilization grows.

Our AirBnB was located in Delta Bay Marina, a mixed recreational park where RVs share space with tiny homes.  While the tiny home that we chose wasn’t quite as secluded as was shown in the advertisement, it was neat as a pin on the inside.  It was warm and quiet and safe.

Elke and I enjoyed our stay at the Tiny Home.  The only complaint we had was a complaint we often make about AirBnB.  The Tiny Home was advertised with a cost of $79.05.  What a deal!  However, once cleaning fees ($60.00) and service fees ($19.63) are added, the price becomes $158.68, which is not the price that entices you to view the ad.  This is bait and switch, which should not be allowed.  I would much rather see the full price in the advertisement.

In any case, we would recommend this particular AirBnB.  The property was neat and tidy and secure.  The proprietor was easy to contact for any concerns we had.  The location was perfect for staging adventures in the area.